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KFC Worker Fired After Posting Gross Mashed Potatoes Licking Photos Online

Photos snapped at the KFC on North Roan Street in Johnson City, Tenn., show an employee making out with a tub of mashed potatoes that is molded into the shape of a woman’s breast. The photos were brought to the attention of local CBS affiliate WJHL. The station subsequently began an investigation into the origins of the pictures.

When the station was able to figure out that the images came from North Roan Street KFC, WJHL sent an email to the chicken company’s corporate offices in order to find out what was being done to ensure that safe food practices were being implemented at that exact location.  

According to a KFC spokesman, the employee depicted in the photos was let go as soon as the company became aware of the questionable images. It has also been reported that the employee on the other side of the camera was fired as well. Gawker reports that the spokesman said that the incident with the mashed potatoes took place “after the restaurant was closed and none of the food was served.”

Some have questioned the veracity of that statement. The employee sticking her face in the mashed potatoes appears to be wearing a drive-thru headset. It would only seem logical that if the restaurant was closed when the photos were taken, as the spokesman claims, she would have removed the headset.

We may never get the answer. Regardless, The KFC spokesman told the local paper that quality assurance and operations teams have been sent to the restaurant in order “to reinforce and retrain on KFC's high operating standards.” No matter what they say, it might be a good idea to lay off the mashed potatoes at KFC for the next few months.

Source: (Gawker)


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