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KFC Pays Coeds to "Ass-vertise" Double Down

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Apparently, some companies still think that the blatant lure of T&A equals dollars and cents.

Since launching last spring, KFC's sinful Double Down -- a drool-worthy, zillion-calorie sammich fashioned with two fried chicken filets, two slabs of bacon, two kinds of melted cheese and a splash of sauce -- hasn't exactly been selling well. So to entice burly young dudes during football season, KFC has taken their marketing campaign to the streets: The company's paying college coeds a cool $500 to prance around campus sporting Double Down sweatpants (the phrase "Double Down" is on the lady lumps) while handing out KFC gift certificates -- and much of the female community is up in arms.

Take the National Organization for Women, for instance. One of their reps told USA Today that it was "obnoxious" of KFC to use women's bodies to hawk "unhealthy products," and that "KFC has forgotten something important: Women make more than half the decisions about what to eat for dinner."

True dat. KFC's ploy may entice a few frat boys, but many young women and their elder stateswomen (you know -- the ones who buy the food for most of the households in America) will likely think the brand has descended as deep into the declasse as Hooters.

Hey, KFC, taste THIS chicken nugget from an experienced former brand expert, au gratis: Go family. Roast whole organic chickens and offer them up with enough nutritious sides (like sauteed kale and baked sweet potatoes) to feed a family of four for under $17, and you'll be back in business. 

You're welcome.


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