Kenyan College Student Admits To Infecting Over 300 Men With HIV


A 19-year-old Kenyan college student has reportedly admitted to being HIV positive and infecting over 300 men out of revenge for being raped at a party.

Although the claims have yet to be proven true, the student allegedly took to Facebook to tell her story and make her public confession.

“I'm 19 and a 2nd year student here at Kabarak University. I joined this college a virgin though I have had boyfriends before, my parents are strict so having sex was never on my mind,” the girl allegedly wrote on Facebook. “September 22nd, 2013, is a day I will never forget, we went clubbing in town and got drunk with some senior students then went back hostels for party around 2am. I remember waking up naked to a guy called Javan with my private part painful and I realized he had sex with me when I was drunk. I only asked if he used a condom and he said yes. However, when taking bath I noticed sperms down there, i wanted to commit suicide, I feared getting pregnant and HIV, I took drug and hoped I was HIV free.”

The girl went on to describe the moment she learned that she was HIV positive as a result of being raped.

“In November, I tested HIV positive, I felt like cutting off my neck,” said the student. “I confronted the guy and he insisted he was clean that I got it from somewhere. I was so depressed and took alcohol to die. I even bought poison, the pain was just unbearable. How was I gonna face the world? I let my parents down. I gave up on the world and just wanted to end my life.”

After trying to commit suicide, the woman decided that she needed to get revenge on men for what was done to her, so she organized a plan to infect as many people as possible.

“Something came up in my mind that I should revenge,” confessed the woman. “I hated men and I didn’t want to be near anymore. My future had been ruined, somehow someone had to pay. After a private therapy sessions, I gained strength not even my parents, friends knew of my conditions even up to now. I accepted my fate and promised to make all men I come across suffer. I know I am attractive and both married and unmarried men chase me left, right and center, luckily, my body has remained good and if anything my curves got better something you men like."

The Kenyan student says that, since December, she has infected over 300 men and has a goal of infecting “at least 2,000.”

“Out of the 324 I have infected so far, about 156 are students here at the college, the remaining are married men outside, lecturers, lawyers, some celebs and 3 politicians,” claims the woman. “Not a day passes without me having sex, mostly four people per day.”

According to reports, a man that allegedly had sexual intercourse with the unidentified woman has made an anonymous claim.

“Your day is coming, you men destroyed my life and I will make you and your people pay for it,” threatened the woman.


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