Kentucky Woman Anita Mills Loses 232 Pounds with "4 Easy Tips"

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A Kentucky woman lost 232 pounds, not by using fad diets, surgery or even intense workouts -- she did it with four easy tips she got from her doctor.

According to a report from, Anita Mills weighed 382 pounds in August 2009 and was "killing myself."

She said, "My family doctor said I needed to get the weight off and if I didn't, I was going to shorten my life. He gave me a piece of paper with four tips to lose weight."

The note stayed in her purse for months, then one day after watching her diabetic mother bravely fight for her life, she pulled the note out of her purse and began.

But first, she took a picture of herself (below, left).

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"Taking that first picture was my way of making me accountable to this choice to start this journey," says Mills. "I wanted to have it on my phone to look at every day, especially when I was having not a great day."

Less than two years later, Mills weighs 150 pounds ("after" picture above, right). What were her doctor's simple tips?:

1. Eat eight ounces of food every three hours
2. No sugary drinks
3. Do not skip meals
4. Do not tell anyone what you're doing

That's it. Mills did throw some easy exercise in.

"I've always walked, no matter how hard it was," says Mills. "Then I used Richard Simmons' 'Sweating to the Oldies' because it's low-impact. Now I Zumba, which is like Richard Simmons on speed."

Mills hopes her inspiring story will help others trim down, and live longer.

"I have a whole new life," says Mills. "It's fabulous to get to this point."


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