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Kentucky Hospital Can't Afford To Care For 768-Pound Man (Video)

James King weighs 768 pounds and has been hospitalized for nearly a month in Paducah, Kentucky (video below).

The 45-year-old, who is in the Baptist Health Paducah hospital, suffers from constant pain and cannot walk. He suffered a sprained ankle in 2014.

"I never did recover from that, basically, and I couldn't get out of bed," King told WPSD.

King's girlfriend Lisa Raisor added, "When I'd go home, I didn't know if I was gonna find him alive or dead."

Stacey Young, Baptist Health Paducah director of patient relations, said, "That really requires some special equipment, so we immediately had to start in on finding beds."

The biggest bed that the hospital had could hold 550 pounds, so the hospital had to rent a bed for King, but is looking to transfer him to another facility.

"If he goes home, I'm sure he wouldn't last very long," Raisor stated. "We've just, we've got to find somewhere."

King has to lose a minimum of 150 pounds before he can get bariatric surgery, which is when the stomach is surgically made smaller.

King is on a low-calorie diet and exercises when he's able.

The problem appears to be financial as King doesn't have an illness, so he can't get health insurance coverage, which means the hospital is paying for his care.

WPSD reports that a GoFundMe page has been set up to help with King's medical and travel expenses.

His family and the Baptist Health Paducah hospital have not found a facility yet that will take someone who weighs over 600 pounds.

The hospital's parent company, Baptist Health, is a Christian-centered business and has "annual revenues exceeding $2 billion," according to its website.

Sources: WPSD (2), GoFundMe, Baptist Health / Photo credit: WPSD Screenshot


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