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What's Kelly Osbourne's Secret to Slimming Down?

Kelly Osbourne is working hard to maintain her new svelte figure. Kelly has dropped from 160 pounds down to a tiny 112. The singer says one of the best things about the change is the confidence it has given her:

"I gained a level of confidence,” says Osbourne. “It’s like this [defeated] feeling disappeared that I had carried around with me for so long, and finally I was like, forget it. It’s not what life’s about.”

She says there's nothing magical that she did to lose the weight, she just stuck to her plan and believed in herself: 

"There is no secret. It’s the old-fashioned way of making a commitment to yourself and waking up every day and doing it.”

Kelly says she doesn't do anything out of the ordinary - she just works out and eats healthy, which means no junk food in the house.

"I don’t have it in my house anymore. I’m more inclined to go for a bag of carrots now than a bag of chips. I never thought I would turn into that girl, but I have!”

Do you keep your house free of junk food to avoid the temptation?


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