Kelly Osbourne Credits Weight Loss to Vegan Chef Boyfriend Matthew Mosshart


TV reality star Kelly Osbourne has lost 63 pounds over the past two years, thanks to her boyfriend Matthew Mosshart.

Osbourne told the Daily Mail: "That's because he cooks for me! He's a vegan chef, so he makes sure that I eat healthily."

"I'm happy with how I look now. As long as I'm healthy, do exercise and eat right, that's the main thing. I'm slim now, but I don't want to be anorexic."

"I love Matthew and we love to work out together, we motivate one another. I go on the treadmill every day for half an hour and do two hours of exercise if I have a special event."

Osbourne no longer consumes dairy, meat or fast food, but eats vegetables, fruit, nuts and seeds.

In addition to her healthy eating, she also exercises, which is what doctors have advised folks for decades.


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