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Keeping Your Nut-Allergic Child Safe This Easter

For many of families who have children with food allergies, Christmas may be the worst time of year, but for me it is Easter.  You can buy so many cheap Easter Eggs and people give them out in abundance, it is particularly hard for toddlers as they don’t quite understand why they can’t eat all the different eggs, all they see are the shinny wrappers filled with yummy chocolate.

Over the years things have got easier as more and more companies are aware of people with severe Peanut and Tree Nut Allergies and are producing chocolate which is either Nut Free or Made in a Factory that Doesn’t Produce Nuts, but that said more still needs to be done.

So, how do you prepare your guests this year for a Nut Free Easter?

The first thing I would recommend is educating family and friends about cross contamination, as most people assume because a product doesn’t have Nut’s or Peanuts in it, then it is safe, what they don’t realise are the words “May Contain Nuts” or “Produced in a factory that Contains Nuts” actually mean just that.  I have heard so many people say “oh, this is just a blanket text covering their behind” but these warning’s are there for a reason, the chance of someone having an Anaphylactic shock are very high.

You also need to point out that Nuts of any sort should not be put into food or bought to the house or venue where you are having your Easter celebrations, as again cross contamination applies. The best advice I can give to someone who has a severely allergic child, is take their own food, as it only takes a microscopic amount of a Peanut or Nut to set off an anaphylactic shock.

You should always be one step ahead of friends and family, go and research your local shops and supermarket’s for Nut Free Easter eggs so you can tell them where to go.

If you can’t find any Nut Free Eggs then buy some cheap moulds and Nut Free Chocolate and make your own!

Most of all, if in doubt, don’t eat it, it’s not worth the risk!


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