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New Motion-Activated Deodorant Keeps B.O. at Bay

From time to time embarrassing things happen to all of us during our workouts. Things like walking into the wrong classroom or realizing a new pair of yoga pants gives you a camel toe can put a damper on your workout mojo.

You know what puts the biggest damper on my workout mojo? B.O.

Today in my Physique 57 class, I caught of sniff of B.O. just as we were finishing up the warm-up. I couldn’t help but wonder “Is that me?”

I have a theory that, just like my favorite shampoo stops working, so does my deodorant. Throughout class I kept thinking, “How can I have B.O., I just showered and I’m wearing this new Degree deodorant.”

Much to my relief, after class I realized it wasn’t me.

A few weeks ago it might have been a different story. I felt like my current deodorant just wasn’t working any more. Right around that time Degree asked me to test out their newest product, Degree with motionSense.

It’s different from other deodorants because it is activated by motion, not sweat. Motion-activated micro-capsules break and release bursts of freshness once movement begins. Other deodorants don’t start working until you begin to sweat.

While, I’ve never been a fan of Degree before, this deodorant is one I’ll be purchasing again.  It doesn’t have a weird "B.O. mixed with baby powder" smell and it has kept B.O. at bay through several workouts in a row.

Do you find that your deodorant stops working after a while or is it just me?

{FTC: FCITC received a complimentary product sample and a gift card from Degree. All opinions are my own.}


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