Katy Perry Reveals her Workout Tips

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Katy Perry reveals some secrets to keeping her body in shape while on tour and she's says it's not easy!

She commented on her diet via People,

"When I was on the road, I liked to have a light soup, a piece of grilled chicken and some quinoa with grilled asparagus for dinner,"

"I always need my daily vitamins and I loved fresh-pressed juices and coconut water. I also love snacks, but pick healthier options like veggies and hummus, tangerines or Popchips."

For which Katy is now the new face of Popchips.

"Eating healthy is so important because I can't afford to get sick," Perry says. "When I was on the road, it was very important to eat a balanced meal and to make sure my energy was up for every two-hour show."

When it comes to exercise,

"I love being outdoors," she says. "I prefer to go on hikes or ride my bike."

Who doesn't!!


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