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Katy Perry Reveals her Workout Tips

Katy Perry reveals some secrets to keeping her body in shape while on tour and she's says it's not easy!

She commented on her diet via People,

"When I was on the road, I liked to have a light soup, a piece of grilled chicken and some quinoa with grilled asparagus for dinner,"

"I always need my daily vitamins and I loved fresh-pressed juices and coconut water. I also love snacks, but pick healthier options like veggies and hummus, tangerines or Popchips."

For which Katy is now the new face of Popchips.

"Eating healthy is so important because I can't afford to get sick," Perry says. "When I was on the road, it was very important to eat a balanced meal and to make sure my energy was up for every two-hour show."

When it comes to exercise,

"I love being outdoors," she says. "I prefer to go on hikes or ride my bike."

Who doesn't!!


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