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Get Kate Hudson's Body with These Exercises

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Summer's not over yet, and it's never too late to get into bikini-ready shape! We sat down with Kate Hudson's personal trainer, Nicole Stuart, to talk about her new iPhone app, "QE2: Celebrity Quick Easy Exercises." It features four 10-minute targeted workouts (for arms, abs, butt and hips) that can be done virtually anywhere. We know: We tried them all.

(Don't worry about taking notes. We'll have a preview of Nicole's fave exercises at the end of this interview.)

momlogic: We LOVE how great Kate Hudson is looking! Tell us about your iPhone app, and how it's helping moms like us get back into shape. 

Nicole StuartI love my iPhone app. It's great because it's a routine for anyone to learn and practice. If you don't have the time, it's the perfect thing to do -- just choose one area to work. Arms, abs, hips, butt ... each workout is 10 to 12 minutes. It's set at a fast pace, but that's where you are to progress to. They are simple exercises that you can learn with the photographs that are included. Practice does make perfect. Over time, you learn these exercises and do the routine, eventually without the app. I still feel the burn when I do it.

ml: Moms are always intimidated by the idea of starting a new regimen. What's the easiest way to start a workout program? 

NS: I think baby steps are the way to go, even for just a walk around the block. Ask people where or what gym they go to, or who they work out with. Lots of people are doing group classes or split trainers' fees. That's always an affordable way to go.

ml: What would you tell moms who say they don't have time to exercise?

NS: Make the time! It's important! That's why my app is so important -- you can find the time to work one area of your body. No excuses! 

ml: What's your workout philosophy?

NS: Consistency over a long period of time equals results. Don't try to do the crash workout: "I have to lose 15 pounds in a week or two." You will yo-yo diet big time -- and drive yourself nuts. Work out consistently. Try to do something small every day; that way, the payoff is always happening. Take stairs in buildings. Don't valet. Do something physically challenging and take yourself out of your comfort zone, always. 

ml: If you could give us ladies one final bit of advice for staying active and healthy, what would it be?  NS: Treasure yourself. Do things that make you happy. For me personally, moving my body has always made me feel so good. More importantly, it has helped me mentally and physically! 

Here are Nicole's favorite exercises:

The Roll Up
1) Lie flat on your back. Extend arms over your head (shoulder width), palms facing up. Legs are straight and together. Pull navel into spine.
2) Inhaling slowly, raise arms toward the ceiling (so your head goes through your arms). Keep pulling your navel deeper into your spine.
3) While finishing the exhalation, continue forward until your upper body is over your legs.
4) Inhale slowly while you roll down one vertebra at a time. Maintain the arms at shoulder width.
5) Exhale as you lift the arms to the ceiling, then overhead, stretching more and more. Repeat 5 times.

The Hundred
Lie on your back with your arms stretched out along your sides. Pull knees into chest.   

Stage 1 (beginners): Keep knees bent. 
Stage 2 (advanced): Straighten legs.   

1) Inhaling through your nose, pump arms for 5 counts. (Keep arms straight and pump from shoulders only.)
2) Exhaling through the nose, continue pumping for 5 more counts.
3) Repeat until a maximum of one hundred movements is reached.

Single-Leg Stretch (pictured)
1) Pull your right leg (bent as far as possible) in toward your chest.
2) Lift your upper body so it forms a "C" curve.
3) Place your outside hand on your ankle and your inside hand on your knee.
4) Create your own resistance by pulling your knee in and pushing it out at the same time. (Opposite leg is extended out all the way. Do not hyperextend your knees!)
5) Switch sides.
Do 10 times.

Double-Leg Stretch
1) Lie flat on your back with both knees bent into your chest, pulling your ankles in with your hands.
2) Inhaling slowly and keeping chin to chest, reach arms and legs in opposite directions. (Legs can be higher if you're a beginner; lower if you're advanced.)
3) Keep pulling in navel. Bring arms out to the side.
4) While exhaling, circle arms back in with legs, grabbing ankles and coming back to starting position.
5) Squeeze heels together tightly. (Do not squeeze quads. Keep legs soft.)
Do ten times.


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