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Kim Kardashian is Right: Changing Diapers in Public is Gross

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Lesson #1 for new parents: The world is not your changing table.

momlogic's Momstrosity: I never, ever thought I would have something in common with Kim Kardashian. I've never seen her show, never read about her exploits in the tabloids, can't figure out how she got so famous. 

Today, all of that changed with one solitary tweet. 

The star of "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" complained on Twitter over the weekend that a woman had done an impromptu diaper-change on a table in the restaurant where Kim was lunching. Kim followed up her tweet complaint with, "DON'T change a dirty at the dinner table...u use the restroom. Everyone was complaining! Just unsanitary." 

Yep, this reality star and I are now BFFs. Seriously, what possesses parents to change their kids' diapers in public, near food? It's freakin' disgusting! I know from experience: One night, I went out to dinner with a friend and her 3-month-old baby. Suddenly, without warning, she put the kid down underneath our table and proceeded to wipe her kid's bum while I uncomfortably poked at my salad. She called it, "Guerilla Parenting: Getting It Done Anytime, Anywhere." I called it "Gag-Reflex Parenting." I found it hard to keep my food down.

Here's a tip: Feeding should be done in public; we all eat in public, even if it's out of a mom's boob. But to the best of my knowledge, none of us use the bathroom in public ... and if we do, we shouldn't be doing it between the appetizer and the main course. (And I know that Kimmy agrees -- at least with the diaper part. Breastfeeding, not so much.)

Eating and diaper-changing should be kept separate. Even my 4-year-old knows that the place to explain the consistency of her latest "gigantic poo" is not at the dinner table. 

Am I being too squeamish? (And Kim, if you're reading this, let's get together soon, K?)


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