Justin Werner Sets Record for Largest Tonsils


Imagine having a Guinness World Record sitting right there in your throat your entire life, and finding out only after having surgery? That's what happened to one young Kansas man.

Justin Werner, 21, always suffered from sore throats, so his doctor decided to remove his tonsils in January -- a common operation decades ago, but one that is not performed with such frequency anymore.

Well, when his doctor went in, he was surprised by what he found. They were "especially impressive," Dr. Tyler Grindal told The Topkea Capital-Journal.

That's an understatement -- they turned out to be the largest tonsils ever, as recently certified by the folks at Guinness.

One of Werner’s tonsils came in at 2.1 inches long, 1.1 inches wide, and 0.7 inch thick, and the other was 1.9 inches long, 1 inch wide and .7 inch thick, apparently "smashing" the old record.

“I find it more humorous than anything,” Werner said, adding that while it is "cool" to be in the record books, he would have liked it to be for something he actually did himself.

Werner wanted to keep his record-setting tonsils, but that is apparently no longer allowed.

“I’d have them trophied up on my desk right now, showing them off,” he said.


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