Just in - High Demand Expected, ARISk for Autism


Transgenomic's ARISk Familial Autism Panel determines increased risk of autism in newborns with older autistic siblings. I suppose it could be used before live birth as well, but that is not currently receiving emphasis - early intervention is emphasized. According to a Transgenomic's report the ARISk will be aggressively marketed with an expectation of high demand. The ARISk assay will be run in Transgenomic's CLIA-certified laboratories and sold via field sales - in conjunction with IntegraGen (a Transgenomic partner). (link)

Transgenomic's pharmacogenetic services business is outpacing its other business interests as far as growth. The ARISk is the first genetic test to assess the risk of autism in siblings.

Less recently Transgenomic was granted exclusive license to a patent involving mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) damage detection, by Clayton Foundation of Research of Houston. This patent involves the steps in development of diagnostic tests, by measuring increased oxidative damage within mitochondria.

Mitochondrial disease in autism: Reports of an association between autism spectrum disorders and disorders of mitochondrial oxidative phosphorylation suggest that there is a problem distinguishing between the two - clinically. In one review of 25 patient records - of those who had a primary diagnosis of autism, but then secondary finding of enzyme or mutation defined mitochondrial electron transport chain (ETC) dysfunction the researchers concluded...

Although all patients' initial diagnosis was idiopathic autism, careful clinical and biochemical assessment identified clinical findings that differentiated them from children with idiopathic autism. These and prior data suggest a disturbance of mitochondrial energy production as an underlying pathophysiological mechanism in a subset of individuals with autism. (link)


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