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5 Fitness Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

You think you're doing it the right way because that's what you've "heard". But is it? Wrong information passed through the fitness chain can hold you back, or worse, get you injured. Rule of thumb - if it sounds too easy to be true, it probably is; and if it sounds too hard to be true, again, it probably is. Fitness isn't complicated, but you need to know the facts, science, and the tried and true strategies to hitting your goals. Otherwise you'll waste your time guessing and hoping you'll get in shape, rather actually getting in shape.

Dodge These Fitness Mistakes

1. Skipping meals
. First, without food to fuel your workout, it's like trying to go on a trip without gas. You won't get far. Second, being hungry is a bad place to be as you try to tighten and clean up your nutrition. Temptation is hard to resist when you're starved.

2. Skipping workouts. This speaks for itself. Although every workout is good for you, inconsistency will keep you stalled. You can't work out great for a week, skip two weeks, then pick it up again and expect to see progress. It's the stick-to-it-atude that creates *transformation*.

3. Working out every day. The body needs to rest. Period. You may love to work out, but the body heals and grow when it's resting, not when it's pumping. Body chemicals, hormones, as well as muscles, tendons and ligaments all need to rest to stabilize your body and make it strong.

4. Working out without a plan. How effective is any goal or task without a plan? Walking into the gym clueless is not only frustrating, but a waste of time. If you're not sure what to do, hire a trainer! is all about excellent trainers. Match to your ideal trainer and have them set you up with a workout and nutrition program just for you. Even if you can only hire them for a short while, the time you'll save in "guessing" how to do it is worth its weight. Knowing what you're doing, and that what you're doing is right, is what we call motivation! Tight finance? Then research, read and find a strategy that works for you.

5. Not knowing what you're doing. You walk into the weight room and watch what the others are doing, and try to copy. Or, you see the big guy next to you, and think "I can do that!" This is dangerous territory. You could get hurt before you begin. Even the big guys and the lean gals started at the beginning. They didn't know how to do a proper squat, or the best ab moves, but they found out. Don't be afraid to ask. Again, a trainer is your best bet. But do your homework. Not all moves are right for all people.

Don't guess, get the facts, and stick with a solid program. Solid program = solid results. Any other way is a waste of time and nobody wants to waste time getting fabulous!

by Heather Frey,
Founder and President of, Fitness Strategist, Writer, Artist, CPT, Spokesperson, Fitness Model, National Figure Competitor

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