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Help Keep Kids Fit With New Food and Activity Journal

A few weeks ago over on Fit Bottomed Girls, we reviewed a cool little goal-setting and fitness tracking tool called the fitbook. Well, I loved the darn thing so much for adults that I was ecstatic when I learned that the company also has a fitbook for the wee ones! A fitbook junior!

The 12-week journal is a place for kids ages 5 to 12 to write down their activities and food, along with their school and home tasks (homework and chores, anyone?), all within the framework of a three-step planning system that helps set goals, establish healthy habits and earn rewards. A parent or a teacher acts as a coach, helping kids to set “big” 12-week goals, establish smaller weekly goalsand then track their progress on a daily basis. Each day the child and coach track their activity, what they had to eat and how it made them feel (depicted with smiley faces), a nutrient tracker that measures food groups, fats, water and vitamins, and—my fave part—a daily star tracker where the coach places a star sticker for using the book daily. No matter your age, stickers are awesome. (They should totally incorporate stickers into the adult version!)

With the childhood obesity epidemic being so depressing these days, it’s awesome to see a product that encourages kids in a fun way to eat right and be active. Plus, it teaches kiddos how to set goals and rewards from a young age. Bonus!

Want to try fitbook junior with your young ones? Leave a comment on our site, and we’ll randomly select one U.S. reader to win a copy! The winner will be contacted via email so check those inboxes! —Jenn


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