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Judge Orders Corey Curtis, Deadbeat Dad of 9, to Stop Procreating

Corey Curtis, who has fathered nine children with six women, was ordered yesterday by Wisconsin Circuit Court Judge Tim Boyle to stop procreating until he can support his kids.

At Curtis' sentencing yesterday for bail jumping and failure to pay $90,000 in back child support, Judge Boyle told the 44 year old that his breeding was to stop as a condition of his three-year probation, reports

According to court records, Curtis has been arrested and charged with failure to pay child support numerous times over the past 11 years. Curtis also has convictions for bad checks, criminal damage and burglary.

The country’s most famous deadbeat dad, Desmond Hatchett, has fathered more than 20 children (with 11 women), but has slowed down his procreation rate while being imprisoned by  Tennessee's Department of Correction.


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