Joshua Anderson and Jacob Provo Kill Neighbor's Turkey with Bow and Arrow


Two Florida teens were arrested this week for stealing and killing their neighbor's pet turkey, reports WALA-TV.

Joshua Anderson, 19, and Jacob Provo, 18, were charged with armed burglary, armed trespassing, cruelty to animals and theft of livestock. 

The two teens allegedly broke into Brian and Christa Caponi’s property in Gulf Breeze, Florida and used a bow and arrow to kill Tom, a 30-pound turkey that the Caponis had owned for about a year.

The teens were allegedly on their way to butcher the turkey for their Thanksgiving dinner when they were arrested, reports the Pensacola News-Journal.

Brian Caponi told police he discovered a trail of blood and feathers on the ground Monday morning.

His security camera recorded footage, from the night before, showing one teen grabbing Tom and the other teen running along the fence line of the property.

Tom was later found dead in the back of Provo’s pickup truck.


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