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Reality: Jon Gosselin Dragon Tattoo of Kids' Names

Jon Gosselin recently got a huge new tattoo on his back, and Radar Online has the exclusive pictures. It's a Korean dragon holding a scroll in each of its claws. (Jon's mother is Korean.)

On the first scroll are his children's names, written in Korean. First come the names of his twins, Mady and Cara, under the date 10/4/00 - their birthday. Next, under the date 5/10/04, are his sextuplets' names: Aaden, Collin, Joel, Leah, Alexis, and Hannah.

The right-hand scroll bears the date 4/8/10, and a single, mysterious name. The Korean characters may read Ellen or Erin. This could refer to Jon's girlfriend, Ellen Lewis.

The tattoo, Jon said, took fourteen hours to complete. He chose a Korean dragon because it symbolizes rebirth. "I have planned this tattoo for years now," he told Radar Online. "I wanted something that resembled a rebirth or a change in me."

Jon's reinvention of himself also includes a new manager and a life coach.

As for what his kids think of his tattoo tribute to them? "They love it and think it's cool!"


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