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John Hutt's Foot Stuck Under Trailer; Cuts off Toes to Free Himself

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People will do anything to survive. Echoing the infamous case of the rock climber who cut off his own arm, a Colorado man sliced off his toes after his foot got stuck under a trailer out in the middle of nowhere.

The Daily Mail reports that 61-year-old retired logger John Hutt went deep into the Colorado woods on August 19 to get some fallen trees to cut into fire wood for the winter. While he was out there the trailer that was attached to his truck came loose and landed on his foot.

He couldn't call for help because his cell phone was in the truck; he was out of range in the woods anyway. So he tried screaming for help, but no one heard him. He told his wife he would be back in a few hours, but who knew how long she would wait to send out a search party?

After half an hour Hutt realized he would die out there, so he took matters into his own hands, literally. He reached for his trusty pocket knife.

"I cut off my boot to see my foot, and once I realized how bad it was, I started cutting off my toes," Hutt told the Grand Junction Daily Sentinel. "It hurt so bad. I would cut for a while and then I had to rest."

He eventually got all five toes off, wrapped his foot in a shirt to stop the bleeding and drove for help. Once he got a cell signal he called 911 and an ambulance met him to rush him to a hospital.

Hutt said police retrieved his toes, but doctors said they were too mangled to reattach.

But at least Hutt is alive, sans five toes.


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