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John Andrew Welden Slated For Sentencing After Admitting He Gave Girlfriend Abortion Drug

A Florida man faces up to 15 years in jail when he is sentenced on Tuesday after he tricked his ex-girlfriend into taking a pill that caused her to suffer a miscarriage.

Federal prosecutors say 28-year-old John Andrew Welden forged a signature in March on a prescription for Cytotec and relabeled a pill bottle as "amoxicillin" and told his then-girlfriend to take the pills, according to ABC Action News. Cytotec is used to induce labor.

Back in September, the Tampa Bay Times reported that Welden, as part of a plea agreement, pleaded guilty to federal charges of product tampering and mail fraud, admitting in court, as he had to detectives, that he slipped his ex-girlfriend an abortion drug.

Welden affirmed facts of the case set forth in the plea agreement, including that he had forged his gynecologist father's signature on a prescription for Cytotec, a drug that causes contractions. His ex-girlfriend Remee Jo Lee lost an embryo of nearly seven weeks.

Before accepting the pleas, U.S. District Judge Richard A. Lazzara warned Welden that he could get more than the 13 years and eight months in prison that attorneys for both sides have recommended.

Welden was initially charged with first-degree murder and could have faced life in prison if convicted.

"Nobody feels good pleading guilty," defense attorney Todd Foster said after Welden pleaded guilty, "but he recognizes what's happened and he's taken responsibility for what occurred and I think he's comfortable with that."

Welden is free on supervised release until the sentencing hearing. In court documents, a psychiatrist suggested Welden has bipolar disorder and that clouded his judgment.

Sources: ABC Action News, Tampa Bay Times, New York Daily News


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