Joey Funderburk, 20, Tries to Raise $120K after Insurance Refuses to Replace His Child-Size Prosthetic Legs


Joey Funderburk, a disabled 20-year-old man, is trying to raise $120,000 by selling Krispy Kreme doughnuts after his insurance company refused to replace his child-sized prosthetic legs, which cannot bear his adult weight. 

Funderburk is falling almost daily. The knee joints frequently give way and when Funderburk falls backward he cannot catch himself, reports the Daily Mail.

His insurance company claims that there has been "no change" in his medical condition and refuses to pay any money for new legs.

Funderburktold WBTV: "I'm trying to raise $120,000. My insurance won't cover me. 'I've got to sell thousands upon thousands of doughnuts, but sitting on the couch is not gonna get you a set of legs."

To raise some additional cash Joey has started a website, and created a video (below), but has only raised a total of $2,000 so far.

Even with insurance, the health care company would only cover $50,000, reports  Fox News Charlotte. In 2011, only 46 percent of private health plans covered prosthetics.


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