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Joe Hundley Accused of Slapping Crying Toddler on Airline Flight, Using N-Word

Joe Hundley, president of an aircraft parts company, is accused of slapping a crying 19-month-old toddler on a Delta Airlines Flight on February 8, 2012.

Hundley allegedly demanded that Jessica Bennett, the mother of a crying toddler, “shut that n*gger baby up” and slapped the child as a flight was landing in Atlanta, reports

Hundley, 60, was charged with simple assault, according to a U.S. District Court affidavit.

However, Hundley denied striking the toddler or using a racial slur, though he did admit that he “asked the mother to quiet the child" on the flight to Atlanta from Minneapolis.

Bennett told police that the “aircraft was in final descent to Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport when her child started to cry due to the altitude change.” Bennett said she “was trying to get [her son] to stop crying, but he continued.”

Bennett claimed Hundley then used the racial epithet and told her to shut the child up. He then allegedly “turned around and slapped” the toddler in the face “with an open hand, which caused the juvenile victim to scream even louder and caused a scratch below [the child’s] right eye,” Bennett said.

After Hundley allegedly hit the child, Bennett received assistance from several other passengers, including Todd Wooten, who told police that he “heard derogatory language coming from the rear of the aircraft." When he got up to investigate, Wooten claims he saw Hundley strike the toddler.

Bennett told that Hundley “reeked of alcohol” and was “stumbling around wasted,” and complained to her that her adopted son was too big to be a lap baby.



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