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Jodi Arias' Stunning Courtroom Makeover and Bizarre Video

Jodi Arias has been making headlines for her Arizona murder trial, in which she is accused of murdering her boyfriend Travis Alexander in 2008.

Arias' testimony has changed from not knowing who killed Alexander, to claiming an intruder did it, to finally admitting that she shot him in the head, stabbed him 27 times and cut his throat from ear-to-ear, all in self-defense.

While on the stand, Arias has looked mousy with her plain hairstyle and glasses. It's a far cry from her glamorous MySpace photos, which resemble Hollywood headshots.

While it has been at least five years since the MySpace pics were taken, it still seems like a drastic change for the 32-year-old Arias, reports

Was the makeover, or in this case, the "makeunder," done to portray Arias as a timid woman, who seems helpless? Only her lawyer knows for sure. Arias has concluded her 18 days of testimony.

Meanwhile, reports that a strange video (below) of Arias in the interrogation room in 2008, following her arrest, has been released. Arias laughs, sings and chides herself for not wearing makeup.

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