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Jim Bob & Michelle Duggar Ready For 20th Child

Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar recently welcomed baby number 19, Josie, who was premature and hospitalized for six months. But the couple is now considering having baby number 20!  Read more on this story below.

The reality stars of “19 Kids and Counting” had a difficult time with the birth of baby Josie, who was hospitalized for six months dealing with a perforated bowel and digestive issues. You would think Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar would be finished having children. But the Duggars say they are considering having a 20th child.

“Our family is stronger than ever,” Jim Bob, 45, told People magazine. “We made it through the storm.”

But is it fair to their older children to continue having more kids?

The Duggar’s daughters: Jana, 20, and Jill, 19, are saddled with cooking the meals, changing diapers, homeschooling their siblings, giving haircuts and making their own clothes.

Star Magazine reports that daughter Jana is having a rough time with all the pressure. “For the past few months, I’ve just really been struggling with attitudes toward different family members,” Jana admits, saying she is praying for strength.

But Michelle and Jim Bob, who do not believe in birth control, say they would welcome Baby #20.

“People think we are overpopulating the world,” says Jim Bob. “We are following our convictions.”

What do you guys think of the Duggars wanting a 20th child?

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