Jim Bob Duggar Claims Birth Control Pill Can Cause Miscarriage (Video)


TLC's “19 Kids and Counting” reality TV star Jim Bob Duggar has 19 children with his wife, Michelle Duggar.

The Duggars, who are conservative Christians, have stated before that they do not use birth control and simply leave any possible pregnancy up to God.

Jim Bob told The Friddle Show last month at the Values Voters Summit (video below) that Michelle did use the birth control pill early in their marriage, reports RawStory.com.

“Something we didn’t know is that the pill can allow women to get pregnant, but then it can be aborted, and it really, that’s what happened with Michelle,” said Jim Bob.

“She went on the pill after Josh and then got pregnant, and then the pill actually caused a miscarriage, and so that was really when we started examining this,” added Jim Bob. “We started looking at the fine print of the contraception, and it said this could happen, and then we talked to a Christian doctor, and he explained this to us.”

However, the highly-respected Mayo Clinic writes:

In the past, doctors had concerns that if you conceived immediately after stopping the pill, you had a higher risk of miscarriage. However, these concerns have proved to be largely unfounded. The hormones in birth control pills don't linger in your system ...

If you continued taking your birth control pill because you didn't realize you were pregnant, don't be alarmed. Despite years of this accident happening, there's very little evidence that exposure to the hormones in birth control pills causes birth defects.

WebMD notes:

Pregnancies exposed to most types of hormonal birth control seem to yield healthy babies. Thus, women exposed to hormones after conception might be reassured that the chance of a healthy pregnancy, and infant, is good. Nonetheless it is important to see your GYN or family planning clinic promptly if you have a positive pregnancy test, to receive personalized counseling.

“Scripture says my people are destroyed for lack of knowledge, and that’s really what happened with us," said Jim Bob. "So we ended up just giving this area of our life to God, and right after that, God blessed us with twins, and then another one, and another one.”

Sources: RawStory.com, Mayo Clinic, WebMD


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