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Jillian Michaels Returns to 'Biggest Loser' Meaner than Before

Fitness guru Jillian Michaels returned to “The Biggest Loser” Sunday night more intense than ever after taking the fall season off.

Michaels was an initial member of the fitness instructor cast when the show debuted in 2004, and said she would not be returning after the 11th season.

The paychecks aren't bad, huh Jillian? Yes, she’s back again ‘as long as they’ll have me,’ Michaels said at the Television Critics Association Winter Tour in Pasadena, Calif.

Michaels took little time settling back in as she threw three of her five contestants out of the gym on day one at the ranch. In fact, she lost two contestants from the show during Sunday night’s season premiere.

As for the reason Michaels returned, she told the critics association tour that she, first of all, missed Bob Harper and was excited to meet Dolvett Quince, a new trainer on the show. 

Michaels also admitted she missed being a part of an inspirational show.

“I greatly overestimated how tremendously inspired the American public gets by the show, so I'm excited to be back for that reason as well, and then childhood obesity is something we've all fought on a myriad of fronts," she said. "Bob works with the First Lady, I work with The Clinton Foundation, Dolvett does what he does, and having a vehicle like 'The Biggest Loser,' the resources and the exposure -- to be able to exploit that is really exciting and I feel we've all done that."


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