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Jihadist Group Allegedly Sends Vial Of Ebola To New Zealand Newspaper

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A plastic vial, supposedly containing a sample of the deadly Ebola virus, was delivered to a New Zealand newspaper on Monday morning.

According to Sky News Melbourne bureau chief Ahron Young, the package was sent by a Jihadist group.

The package arrived along with a letter to the New Zealand Herald’s office. The mailroom and its staff were immediately evacuated and the staff was hosed down.

According to a tweet from the New Zealand Herald, all precautions were taken to prevent infection and the vial was sent to Australia for testing. The small number of staff who worked in the mailroom are at very little risk of contamination, health officials have claimed.

Though the vial’s contents are unknown right now, the sample will be tested by Melbourne’s specialist Victorian Infectious Diseases Reference Laboratory. Police ordered that the vial also be swabbed for DNA and checked for fingerprints

“Police are often called to deal with and invstigate the origins and contents of suspicious packages,” Detective Inspector Scott Beard said. “The vast majority of them turn out to be benign but we don’t take any chances.”

A similar package was sent to the parliamentary mailroom in Wellington, which will undergo the same testing. The vial may be linked to the one New Zealand Herald received, according to one police spokesperson. An investigation into the potential connection is underway.

No suspected cases of Ebola have been reported and no one has been treated for the disease in any of the nation’s hospitals, according to New Zealand Health Minister Jonathan Coleman.

Sources: NY Daily News, New Zealand Herald

Photo Source: NY Post


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