Jessica Alba Tweets Workout Tips for New Moms


Actress Jessica Alba recently started her workout regime, following the birth of her daughter Haven earlier this month, and has been handing out workout tips on Twitter.

The actress tweeted today: "I did my first day of workout since I had the baby, just cardio for 40 mins -it's a start. Anyone else starting a fitness regimen?”

Alba was swamped with responses and ended up explaining her workout, which consisted of time on an exercise bike and elliptical machine. She suggested new mothers do a mix of interval training and circuit training with light weights.

After one fan thanked her for motivating her to work off her own baby weight, Alba tweeted: “Awesome let's do it together. I could use the motivation as well.”

Alba tweeted a shout out to her doctor as well: “My doc told me I could start after 2 weeks. I'm going light, stationary bike and elliptical. I heart you Jay Gordon MD - you are the best pediatrician ever. Thank you for taking such good care of me and my lil angels.”


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