Jessica Alba Sues Pregnancy Weight Loss Product

Jessica Alba has been upfront about her struggle with post-pregnancy weight loss with her fans via social networking sites such as Twitter.   Understandably then, Alba is suing weight loss aid company Belly Bandit for using her name to endorse the product.

Alba is suing Belly Bandit for more than $1 million in damages. She claims the company used her name and her likeness to promote the product. According to TMZ, the lawsuit states that Belly Bandit has “prominently featured and posted a photograph of Alba, and her listed her name under the Celebrity Testimonials section of their Website.”

Currently, Alba’s photo is no longer on the site, where other celebrities including Kim Kardashian, Minnie Driver, and Julie Bowen, are featured praising the product.

In addition to the $1 million, Alba is seeking a percentage of the company’s profits.


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