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Jessica Alba Launches Eco-Friendly Baby Product Website

Have U Heard attended the kick off of hosted by Mom Trends, held at ABC Kitchen last night, January 17, 2012 where both Alba and her business partner, Christopher Gavigan spoke about the new e-commerce company, (named after her 3-year-old daughter Honor). sells eco-friendly and toxic-free baby products and household items for a monthly subscription.

Alba wanted to make beautiful, eco products that are delivered right to your door.  Alba, who welcomed her second daughter Haven in 2011, said the idea was born after she learned that toxic chemicals are in widely used, everyday products.

Jessica answered some questions from the attendees at the event including why she chose an eco-friendly consumer product company versus a fashion line?  Alba revealed when she first presented the idea to her agents they encouraged her to develop a maternity fashion line.  Thankfully Alba, who responded by telling them her passion is her kids and that’s what she is committed to, didn’t listen and instead decided if she was going to spend time away from her kids it was going to be for

Jessica also provided insight into how she manages her time with work and family saying, “I don’t think there is a perfect balance”.  Like other moms, Jessica would like to clone herself and wishes there was 48 hours in a day.  She also says it’s about compromise.  You may not answer your email right away but you get to play dress up.

To make a purchase, consumers sign up on and choose from subscription packages for products including diapers, shampoo and laundry detergent. The products are then delivered monthly to the buyer’s door.

There are some really cute items.  Check out the website and let us know what you think.


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