Jersey City Mayor Jerramiah Healy Blames Hispanic Girls for His 2004 Nude Photo

Jersey City Mayor Jerramiah Healy has finally offered up an explanation for the nude photo of him that surfaced in 2004.

Healy said to the press last week that three unidentified Hispanic girls are to blame. The girls, according to Healy, were banging on trash cans so an admittedly drunk Healy walked out onto his porch in just a towel. Then, the girls supposedly pulled the towel off of him.

“Now I start laughing and then they started doing other stuff,” Healy said, according to New Jersey Star-Ledger. “I say I’m old enough to be your grandfather.”

Healy didn’t comment on the “other stuff,” explaining only that it was “filthy” and then he chased the girls away and sat down on his porch, which was when someone took a photo of him naked.

Naturally, Latino activists launched a protest outside of Jersey City Hall on Monday, outraged over their mayor’s ridiculous story. When the photo surfaced, Healy initially stated he was too drunk to remember what had happened only that he had drank eight beers in three hours, but now seems to have experienced an epiphany eight years later.

“I think the Hispanic community deserves an apology and I think our mayor needs psychological help,” Councilwoman Nidia Lopez said, according to the Star-Ledger. “For this mayor to degrade Hispanic women by creating this wild story eight years later… three young kids molested him, he’s laughing about it. How the hell did he know they were Hispanic?”

Healy has other embarrassing episodes in his past, including a run-in with police a couple years ago after resisting arrest outside of a bar. 

Sources: Huffington Post, New Jersey Star-Ledger


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