On Drugs? Jeremy London Tried Climbing Tree Before Reporting Kidnapping

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Before Jeremy London called the police with this bizarre tale of being kidnapped and forced to take drugs, Jeremy spent some time in front of a Palm Springs Ramada, where he tried to climb a tree. Apparently he must have some type of telephone repairman or palm tree fantasy and spent about 30 minutes trying to climb a tree.

After realizing he was never going to do it, Jeremy walked in the hotel and checked in. Of course, he didn't just say he wanted a room for the night. He walked up to the clerk and gave him a "Do you know who I am?" He said he was Jeremy London and a famous actor, and wanted a room.

It was not until several hours after Jeremy checked in that he bothered calling the police to tell him that he had been kidnapped.

To me, this combined with the fact his wife was dropped off prior to the night shows that he was making up all this crap. I think the couple went on a bender, knew it would mess with their court ordered drug testing, so spun this yarn and got an innocent guy thrown in jail.


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