'Supergirl' Actor: 'I Almost Died' From Eating Chipotle (Photo)

'Supergirl' Actor: 'I Almost Died' From Eating Chipotle (Photo) Promo Image

In an Instagram story shared from his hospital bed, "Supergirl" actor Jeremy Jordan claimed that eating Chipotle nearly killed him, an allegation the fast-casual chain denied.

In the now-expired video uploaded on Nov. 9, Jordan, 32, appeared in the hospital with an IV in his arm, according to People. 

"I know I've advocated for [Chipotle] in the past, but they're terrible," Jordan said in the video. "I, as you can see, am in the hospital and I have fluids in my arm because the food did not agree with me and I almost died." 

He continued: "I just want to thank my wife for being amazing and talking me off the ledge when I was on the phone about to die and ['Supergirl' co-star] Chris Wood for holding my hair back metaphorically. I love all of you; thank you so much. It's been a night." 

In 2015, Chipotle customers in multiple states were hit by an E. coli outbreak that sickened dozens and sent Chipotle stock plummeting. 

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Since then, the chain's reputation and stock have slowly regained their footing, despite \several more localized health scares, according to CNBC.

In July, several customers who ate at a Chipotle in Sterling, Virginia, were infected with norovirus. Video shot at a Chipotle near Dallas showed rodents falling from the restaurant's ceiling. 

Perhaps wary of another public relations disaster, Chipotle swiftly reached out to Jordan to get the details of the Chipotle location in Houston he said sickened him. 

"There is not a link and there are no other reports of illness at the restaurant," Chipotle spokeswoman Quinn Kelsey, told The Detroit News. 

"We were able to confirm that there were no reports of illness, all employees were healthy, and that all food protocols were followed and logged," Kelsey said. "We take all claims seriously, but we can't confirm any link to Chipotle given the details he shared with us." 

Chipotle's denial wasn't enough to stop the bleeding as the company's stock fell as much as 5.9 percent to its lowest level in years, according to The Detroit News.

Continued health scares could prevent Chipotle's stock from ever returning to pre-2015 levels. 

"The chain has had a run of bad luck with health scares and does not seem to be capable of getting back on an even keel," Neil Saunders, managing director of GlobalData told CNBC. "Each new issue reminds consumers of past problems and makes the prospect of a full recovery ever more distant."

Sources: People, CNBC, The Detroit News / Featured Image: vagueonthehow/Flickr / Embedded Images: Jeremy Jordan/Instagram via People, proshob/Wikimedia Commons

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