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Jeremiah Wright Found Not Guilty in Murder, Decapitation of Son

Being a parent—in the most basic sense—is instinctual. Despite the circumstance, there is a deep-seated need to protect one’s children, or at least there is supposed to be. However in the case of Jeremiah Wright—not the Chicago preacher who once ministered to the Obamas—that instinct was silenced, if it was ever present at all.

On a Sunday in August, 2011 police were called to the Louisiana home that Wright shared with his partner of a decade Jesslyn Lirette and their son, seven year-old Jori who relied on a wheelchair to get around due to cerebral palsy. This was not the first time they had been called to the residence, Wright and Lirette had police intervene in a loud argument just a month previously, according to True Crime Report. However this time, they were responding to reports of a small human head in their driveway.

After a particularly bad fight, Wright may have believed Lirette was finally going to take the advice of her family and friends and kick Wright out of the home. So when she left to get her truck repaired, Wright allegedly beat his son to death, decapitated him, and stuffed the body into the trash. He was arrested and a judge ruled Friday that Wright was not guilty of the murder by reason of insanity.

According to CBS News, “prosecutors agreed to the ruling of insanity and that Wright will be returned to the state mental hospital in Jackson [La.] where he had been held.” Wright told police in a sworn statement that he had seen “signs” which led him to believe that rather than living with his son, he was instead caring for a “CPR dummy.” In fact throughout the statement, Wright referred to his child as “the dummy,” and said he was both defecated and urinated on the morning of the murder.


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