Jenny McCarthy Pulls Hamstring While Sleeping

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Uh huh, Jenny McCarthy. Sure you pulled your hamstring while "sleeping." 

Via Contact Music:

Jenny Mccarthy was left red-faced on the set of her new dating show Love In The Wild after pulling her hamstring while she was sleeping. The actress/model was hosting the new TV series when she injured herself so badly she had to limp around the set on crutches, while contestants were risking severe injury in death-defying competitions.

She explains, "These kids were doing such dangerous adventures; I couldn't believe what we were asking them to do. Huge athletes couldn't have done half of the stuff we made these kids do and I was the one that wound up on crutches. I pulled my hamstring, so for, like, two episodes, I had to be like carried around on crutches and I pulled my hamstring while I was sleeping, so I felt like a real wuss... I was the injured one while these poor kids, diving off cliffs, managed to make it."


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