Jennifer Lopez Reveals Her Post-Partum Paranoia

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Jennifer Lopez is one busy woman! Aside from being a singer, dancer, actress, and American Idol judge, perhaps her most important role in life is being a mother. With Mothers Day just days away, along with the release of her new movie What To Expect When You’re Expecting, J. Lo gave a revealing interview with Redbook where she discussed what she went through after giving birth to her twins Max and Emme.

Lopez recalls that after she gave birth she was convinced that her own children didn’t love her. Boombox quoted Jennifer as saying:

“I remember the babies were born, about seven to 10 days in, I was like, ‘What is going on with me?’ I felt sad and depressed and thought the babies didn’t love me. I actually remember picking up the book to try to see what was happening to me. And it said how you have this huge hormonal drop about seven to 10 days after you give birth. It’s called the ‘baby blues.’ But I just thought they didn’t like me.”

Lopez has moved past her ‘baby blues’ and is now enjoying her life with her twins, who are now three-years-old.

Written by Michelle Wincott


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