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Jennifer Aniston, Oprah Have Customized Yoga Mats - You Can Too

A yoga mat is a very personal thing. It’s covered in your sweat, your smell, your belly button lint and toe jam, your cleaner… it doesn’t get any more “yours”.  Tried explaining this to hubby to no avail… thinks we just have a collection of random, interchangeable yoga mats and just grabs ‘em willy nilly.  Argh!

I’ve since removed mine from the collection!

Also hiding from indiscriminate hubby is my Yogamatic Travel Mat/Yoga Towel, which I received a couple of months ago and fell in love with immediately. It’s surprisingly light and thin, with a towelly soft top layer, complete with a design that I love, and a sticky rubber bottom that grips the floor.

I sometimes use it on top of my usual yoga mat for a little extra padding and absorption, but what I really love is how convenient and perfect it is for travel.  It folds up light and compact in a convenient little envelope, easily sliding into a carry-on.  No more packing around bulky yoga mats for me!  It could even fit in my purse, for Christmas sake!

As wonderful as the versatile Yoga Towel is, what makes Yogamatic truly unique is that they are all about making your yoga mat all that much more yours.

Whether you choose from their huge selection of wonderful designs or upload your own image or graphic, it’s all about suiting your practice, your personality and your passion for yoga and beyond.

Perhaps you’ve already heard about Jennifer Anniston recently gifting Oprah a puppified Yogamatic of her own!

Whether you're after a handy-dandy Towel or customizing a for-real, thick and cushiony mat, Yogamatic is doing it best!


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