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Jeffrey McMullen Tries to Rob Bank of $1 to be Sent to Federal Prison

Jeffrey McMullen tried to rob a Northern, Cambria, Pennsylvania AmeriServ bank of $1 because he wanted to be sent to a federal prison nearby, police said.

McMullen handed notes to two bank tellers, on Friday, demanding a dollar, reports The Tribune-Democrat of Johnstown.

One of his notes read: “FBI custody. Preferably Loretto Pa. No press. Seal all files,” while the other said: “Federal bank robbery. Please hand over $1.00.”

After the tellers thought it was a joke, McMullen spoke with a new accounts employee and repeated that he was robbing the bank for a dollar.  Police were called and he was arrested. reports the Associated Press.

Police said that McMullen wanted to be prosecuted federally so he could be taken to a federal prison, however, police do not know why.

The 50 year old is currently in a county jail awaiting his hearing. He must undergo a mental evaluation and post $50,000 bail in order to win release from jail, which he may or may not want.


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