Japanese Chef Killed Over Fried Noodle Dispute With Customers

A Japanese chef was murdered during a brawl with two customers after they complained the food was not up to their standards.

The incident occurred on the German island of Sylt, which is known as a vacation destination. According to German news and authorities, chef Miki Nozawa, 57, got into a dispute with two customers about a fried noodle dish.

The customers, ages 36 and 50, requested Nozawa to remake and refund their dish, but he refused. The couple then left the restaurant without paying. The fatal dispute came later, according to media reports, when Nozawa ran into the couple again later at a local table dancing bar.

The couple then attacked Nozawa, which was when he suffered a fatal blow to the head. Nozawa’s wife told the Sylt Rundschau newspaper that he died of severe brain injuries and internal bleeding.

Authorities are currently searching for the disgruntled couple in and around the island to bring them in for the crime.

Nozawa was known around the island for his Japanese-Italian fusion food. 

Sources: Christian Science Monitor,Sydney Morning Herald


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