Japan Plans to Grow Human Organs Inside Animals for Human Use


Japanese scientists are planning to grow human organs in animals and then harvest the organs for human transplant in a controversial embryonic research project.

All the scientists need is approval and guidelines from the Japanese government, which is likely to happen within a year.

Unlike Western countries, there is strong support for embryonic research in Japan.

According to The Telegraph, scientists plan to put a human stem cell into the embryo of an animal and create a "chimeric embryo," which will be placed in another animal's womb.

The chimeric embryo, in theory, will grow into a human organ as the host animal matures.

When the host animal is killed, the new human organ will be removed and transplanted into a human who needs the organ.

When Japanese government officials agree on the guidelines of the research, Professor Hiromitsu Nakauchi, of the University of Tokyo, believes the first pig carrying a human organ can be produced "quite quickly, because the technique has been established already."

This first human organ produced is likely to be a pancreas, which could help millions of people with diabetes.

Source: The Telegraph


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