Janet Thies-Keogh Acquitted of Murdering her Baby Due to Postpartum Psychosis

Janet Thies-Keogh was found not guilty of murdering her baby because she was suffering from postpartum psychosis.

During her trial, mental health professionals claimed that Thies-Keogh was psychotic when she killed her eight-month-old son Colin Keogh by suffocation, while her husband was out of the home for an hour, reports the Daily Mail.

Her husband had gone to play tennis, but called home to see how his wife and child were. Thies-Keogh Answered: "Not good. You’d better come home," reports the Chicago Sun Times.

Her husband rushed to their home in Lakeview, Chicago and called 911. He told the 911 dispatcher that his wife "may have done something to his baby or herself."

In a second 911 call, the husband said: "My wife just suffocated my baby."

The assistant state’s attorney Christa Bowden claimed that Thies-Keogh planned to kill Colin and had waited until her husband had gone to play tennis to commit the crime.

However, Thies-Keogh’s defense attorney Thomas Brandstrader said the mom was "detached from reality" and "does not even remember" the murder.

Thies-Keogh was hospitalized for several weeks following Colin’s death for postpartum psychosis, which supposedly causes psychotic symptoms after childbirth.

Judge James Linn commended Thies-Keogh’s "extremely conscientious" husband for contacting the police and said he should not shoulder blame what happened to his baby.

However, no one had ever suggested that the husband shoulder any blame for his wife's actions.


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