"Jane Roe" Gets a Movie Gig

First Abby Johnson gets a television commercial, now Jane Roe is getting an acting gig.

Via Reuters:

Norma McCorvey, a.k.a. Jane Roe, appears in "Doonby," a psychological thriller from British writer/director Peter Mackenzie. She plays an elderly woman who tries to talk the expectant mother out of going through with her plan.

Mackenzie wanted to cast someone with the gravitas to deliver anti-abortion dialogue without being preachy. So last year, over lunch at a restaurant in tiny Smithville, Texas, he persuaded McGreevy, one of the most controversial living Americans, to play the role, despite the fact she had never acted before.

The film's creators claim that the film is "apolitical."  It was funded by $2 million from a donor who "wished to remain anonymous."


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