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How Jane Fonda Stays Fit at 72

In the January issue of Prevention magazine on newsstands now, Jane Fonda, fitness icon, opens up about her body and how her fitness routine has kept her looking young and fabulous throughout the years.

At 72, Fonda is releasing two new exercise DVDs—Jane Fonda: Prime Time - Walkout and Jane Fonda: Prime Time - Fit & Strong.

On her style, then and now:

“I fit into the clothes I wore twenty years ago, and I weigh the same.” But she’s swapped her trademark leotards for yoga pants and tank tops.

On being a born-again walker:

“After hip and knee replacements, running and skiing are out, and hiking and cycling are in.”

On dealing with aging:

“Don’t throw in the towel. Keep moving, but ratchet down what you used to do. For instance, I don’t use the heavy weights I used to, but I do more repetitions.”


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