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Janay Mcfarlane Shot Dead Same Day Sister Stands Behind Obama During Speech on Gun Violence

On the same day 14-year-old Destini stood behind President Obama as he was speaking out for tighter gun control at Hyde Park Academy in Chicago, her sister, 18-year-old Janay Mcfarlane, was shot and killed.

Mcfarlane, a mother to a 3-month-old boy, was shot in the head Friday night in North Chicago while visiting friends and family, according to the Chicago Sun-Times. Police have taken two people into custody regarding her death, but no charges have been filed yet.

"I really feel like somebody cut a part of my heart out," Angela Blakely, Mcfarlane's mother, said. Blakely believes that the bullet was not meant for Mcfarlane, but for one of her friends.

Obama visited his hometown of Chicago on Friday to pay tribute to Hadiya Pendleton, the 15-year-old girl who died days after performing during Obama’s inauguration. Police believe Pendleton, an honor student, was mistaken for someone else when she was fatally shot at South Side Park. Obama spoke at Hyde Part Career Academy to pay tribute to Pendleton’s memory as well as bring attention to the high rate of gun violence in Chicago and the country.

Chicago endured 40 homicides in last month, which made it the deadliest January in over a decade for the city. On Jan. 27., there were a total of seven homicides that day alone. Among the dead was a man named Ronnie Chambers, who was the fourth and last child of Chicago resident Shirley Chambers to die of gun violence.

Blakely said her Mcfarlane was particularly affected by the death of Pendleton.

"She always said after Hadiya Pendleton got killed, 'Momma that's so sad,'" Blakely said. "She was always touched by any kid that got killed. She was always touched by mothers who couldn't be there for their babies because they were gone."

Blakely said Mcfarlane was going to graduate from an alternative school in the spring and hoped to pursue culinary arts for a career.



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