Celeb Trainer Jackie Warner Gives Health Tips to Bloggers

A few lucky fitness bloggers (including Fit Celeb) got a chance to ask celebrity trainer Jackie Warner two questions which focused on her latest reality tv show 'Thintervention', healthy lifestyle tips, and her possible next ventures.

Jennifer Jordan @ Sweat and the City

1. Fitness vs. Nutrition: Which element do you find your clients struggling with most, and how do you motivate them to stay disciplined with both?

Most people have a hard time with fitness. Women seem to like to work out less than men. Fortunately the key to losing weight is 75% nutrition and 25% fitness.

The first key to keeping my clients motivated is money. If they’re paying per session they want to get their money’s worth. Then, by having them set goals, like completing a 3K or participating in a charity related event like AIDS walk, they’re held accountable for their progress. Holding them responsible for their own success helps them achieve that.

2. With body image being a hot topic in Los Angeles, what tips do you have for instilling a positive (and realistic!) sense of self for your female clients?

People should never take pictures of celebrities and try to emulate them because everyone has different body types. And a super model’s body type is not the norm. I recommend to my clients to find the best picture of themselves and then try to get back to that. It’s a much more attainable goal.

Dana Walsh @ Fit Celeb

3. With owning a couple of gyms and being a part of a couple reality TV shows, are there any another new avenues in the fitness world your looking to venture off in?

Writing books, producing DVDs, and launching health & fitness products. I want to be at the forefront of everything health & fitness. My online training site, jackiewarner.com, allows people to work with personal trainers hand selected by me.

4. What do you think of eating bread, dairy, sugars? Are they a definite no-no?

Nothing is a no-no. But moderation is key. As for sugar, you should cut all sugar out of your diet for 5 days in a row, maybe Monday through Friday. This will allow your brain to break its addiction to sugar. But be sure to allow yourself a cheat meal on the 6th and 7th day. Deprivation is not a long-term solution.

Julie Bream @ PB Fingers

5. I have a sweet tooth that cannot be tamed. Do you have any tips for how to overcome my desire to indulge in decadent desserts and ice cream on a daily basis?

First, you have to cut sugar out, cold turkey, for 5 days in a row. This will allow your brain to break its addiction to sugar. It helps to eat fruits such as an apple to help with that sugar craving. The sugar found in fruit is treated differently by the body.

6. What is your go-to cardio workout when you're feeling unmotivated in the gym?

I love to run outdoors. Finding a nice trail with beautiful scenery gets me motivated. The terrain allow for great interval training to keep you interested. It’s a much better run than on a treadmill.

Annika @ The Frisky

7. What's the safest way to indulge a craving for, say, chocolate without having regrets later?

Eat dark chocolate that is at least 80% cocoa. Instead of reaching for a candy bar, eat a protein bar, which contains nutrients in addition to protein.

8. Did Jeana of "The Real Housewives of Orange County" heal from her divorce and "RHOC" drama before committing to your program? How did you help her?

Jeana had healed from her divorce when we began working together, but she was still feeling the effects of low self-esteem. I think our work together helped her by showing her how to love herself again and find ways to be happy being alone with herself.

Jacquelyn @ Physique Speak

9. We know that the goal of Thintervention is physical fitness, but we hear that therapy plays a large role in the process. Would you consider this “mental” exercise? Also do you feel this plays as important a role as the physical?

Mental exercise is a great way to describe therapy, and in my opinion it’s as important an exercise as the physical. Mental exercise is a huge part of my program. Teaching clients self-talk, turning negative self-loathing to self-loving is a key component of Thintervention.

10. What would you say is the most important change for people who are looking to get in better shape, for those who already work out, and also for people who are new to working out?

Don’t do something you dislike. If it’s a struggle to get yourself on a treadmill, find something else that will motivate you to workout, like boxing or a dance class. Find things or classes that you have always wanted to try and surround yourself with healthy people. I like being around people who are into fitness and health because we can talk about it and it keeps you motivated.

Joanna Sutter @ Fitness and Spice

11. In one of your recent interviews you talk very passionately about food journaling and even mention using smiley faces when logging food, which the fitbook fitness and nutrition journal that I’m a huge fan of features. In your experience what is it about journaling that is so critical for people trying to get in and stay in shape?

Accountability is key. By writing in a journal, you’re setting goals daily. It allows you to revisit your goals and see if you have accomplished them. It’s a part of the goal setting process. It’s similar to if you study for an exam, you’ll get an A.

12. I love to give recipes a healthy shake by doing little things like incorporating shots of protein powder in homemade protein powders, cookies, brownies, pancakes, smoothies, and even coffee. Do you have a recipe you haven't shared before using protein powder?

Protein pancakes are great. Oatmeal, eggs, cinnamon, and protein powder. I make them for myself all the time.

Jess @ Fit Chick in the City

13. What is the biggest obstacle that keeps people of any size from meeting their fitness goals?

Starving themselves. By not eating, you slow down your metabolism so when you do have a meal your body isn’t breaking it down as quickly and everything is converted into fat. Every day you should have breakfast, a snack, lunch, a snack, and dinner.

14. On your show you told the participants to get rid of anything in their house with over 5 grams of sugar. Is this a temporary thing to get them past their "sugar addiction" until they are able to consume moderate amounts of sugar? Or is this a permanent lifestyle change you would recommend to anyone?

You need to cut sugar out of your diet for 5 days straight so the brain can get over its addiction. After that, if you start consuming less than 5 grams of sugar each day, your body won’t crave it as much. Over time it can become a permanent lifestyle change. But never deprive yourself of sugar; allow yourself a cheat meal from time to time.

Allie @ Live Laugh Eat

15. Do you worry that the contestants will perhaps take healthy eating and exercise to the extreme and end up developing disordered habits? If so, how do you prevent that from happening?

No, I’m not worried that my clients will take it to the extreme because I teach them how to live a healthy and balanced life. It’s about knowing when and what to eat in moderation. The goal is not to think about food. I teach my clients to eat to live, not live to eat.

16. What are three things you do everyday as a part of your healthy lifestyle?

Every day I eat salmon & broccoli, have a protein shake with supplements every morning and drink raw eggs for protein. There will be times when I eat a bad meal, but at least I know I have had those items to keep my body balanced and healthy.

Jennifer @ She’s a Fit Chick

17.If a person could make just one change to their lifestyle to improve their overall health, what would it be and why?

Break the sugar addiction. Sugar causes cancer, wrinkles, and depression…Sugar is the devil.

18. If a client is pressed for time, what is the most effective workout they can get in a very short period of time?

My new workout DVD, called Personal Training with Jackie: Xtreme Time Saver Training. In the DVD, I teach a multi-joint workout which simultaneously works out the upper body and lower body.

Make sure to check out Jackie on "Thintervention" every Monday 10/9c on Bravo. 


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