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Jack Osbourne Fired for Having MS?

Jack Osbourne, who recently went public with his multiple sclerosisdiagnoses, has recently revealed that he was fired from a TV show because of it.

In an interview on The Talk, co-hosted by his mother, Sharon Osbourne, he claimed that he had booked a job at the same time that he had found out about his diagnoses and unfortunately, the company who had hired him didn’t think he could do the job because of his illness.

It is the one thing, out of everything that really angered the star. He sees it as the company telling him what he can and can’t do without anyone ever calling him to ask him his opinion. Everything was done through lawyers instead. Sharon tweeted on Thursday following his appearance that Jack was “fired” because “they said he was a liability.”

Neither Jack nor Sharon revealed the name of the show, but Britain’s The Sun newspaper reported that it was NBC’s reality game show, “Stars Earn Stripes.” According to a news release, the show will take eight competitors to a remote training facility where they will go on complicated missions inspired by real military exercises. However, Jack’s role in the show couldn’t be independently confirmed and NBC hasn’t commented on the report.

Sharon also added during the interview that she received an e-mail about Jack that said “you’re off the show — too much of a responsibility.”

Previously, Jack revealed that he’d temporarily lost the feeling in his leg for two months and had bladder issues, both of which are symptoms of MS.

On a happier note, Jack revealed in an interview with Piers Morgan that his fiancee Lisa is incredibly optimistic. She wants to figure out a way to make this a good thing for them both.


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