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Whatever: J-Lo Movie Says Pregnancy Makes Women More Orgasmic

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Among the many improbable things that arise in J. Lo's new flick, "The Back-Up Plan" (a comedy about the misadventures of single motherhood), is the totally silly premise that pregnancy makes you more orgasmic.

During a 30-second make-out session with her new beau, J. Lo's character has a spontaneous and intense orgasm. Her girlfriend explains to her as she's on the elliptical machine (because, of course, pregnant ladies have enough energy to simultaneously do a serious workout and carry on a titillating conversation) that pregnant women are more orgasmic because of all the extra blood flow to the body.

And here I thought that all that extra blood flow simply gave us kankles. What do you know: It also makes us orgasm on the bus!

In case you haven't gotten wind of "The Back-Up Plan" yet, J. Lo plays a single working girl who decides to go it alone and get pregnant via artificial insemination -- only to later fall for Mr. Right and find that everything turns out just dandy. (This is Hollywood, after all, where no attractive, successful woman would really want to end up a single mother.)

In my totally unscientific study of one (yours truly), I found that pregnancy was not exactly a recipe for amazing sex. Let's start with the whole problem of the first trimester, when you'd rather hurl than do just about anything. I don't know about you, but the combination of crippling nausea and overwhelming fatigue didn't exactly make me feel frisky.

I could, however, buy it in the second trimester, when your energy's back, you don't feel like a beached whale and all that "glow" makes you look kind of lovely. But I wouldn't say it made for multiple orgasms. It just made for a few months of normal sex again.

And the third trimester? Forget it. Nothing like not being able to tie your own shoes to really put a damper on your mobility between the sheets. But go, J.Lo, for promoting the hot-mama myth!

What about you, ladies? Did pregnancy improve your sex life -- or just prepare you for the sexless early days of mommyhood?


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