IVF Clinic Offers Canadian Parents "Sex Selection" of Baby


A fertility clinic in Washington State has been pitching Indio-Canadians in British Columbia, Canada with an ad encouraging them to “create the family you want: boy or girl.”

The ad (left) features a picture of a boy and girl attired in traditional Indian garb.

The ad directs parents interested in sex-selection to the Washington Center for Reproductive Medicine's web site, which states that preimplantation genetic diagnosis (PGD) is a method for “selecting an embryo of known gender facilitating family balancing.'

The Washington Center for Reproductive Medicine states that after the artificial joining of numerous sperms and eggs, they identify which ones have XX (female) or XY (male) chromosomes.

With the PGD method, the Washington Center for Reproductive Medicine claims it can “virtually guarantee[s] successful gender selection.”

Sabrina Atwal, project director for the Indo-Canadian Women’s Association in Edmonton said she was “appalled” by the ad.


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