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It’s Love Yo’Self Week on FBG!

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Credit: D Sharon Pruitt

With Valentine’s Day just a week away, darn near every store you walk into has hearts and chocolate all up in your face. And for those of you who aren’t currently snuggly with a sweetie or believe (quite rightly) that February 14 was created by major card companies to make a buck and make everyone either feel overly self-indulgent (what are you really going to do with that teddy bear that croons Michael Bublé songs?) or like there’s a giant blinking sign on their head that says “single.” Despite being married, I fall somewhere in between both camps and, to be honest, Valentine’s Day feels like it’s a forced day of love. ‘Cause love is awesome, and why shouldn’t we celebrate every day?

With all that said, we’re taking Valentine’s Day back from Hallmark. And we’re making it for ourselves. That’s right, this entire week on FBG we’re celebrating the best relationship in your life—the one with yourself! For the next seven days we’ll bring you uplifting, motivational and empowering content that connects you with what you love about you. Don’t worry, we’ll still touch on relationships, sex and chocolate, but all in a tone that has more to do with you than anyone else.

No matter where you are on your fitness journey, I absolutely, positively guarantee that once you start loving yourself and treating yourself as you want others to treat you (go ahead and reread that part—it’s important as we so often do not treat ourselves as kindly as we would our best friend), life becomes happier and you become healthier. To kick things off, each FBG is sharing three things she loves about herself…

What FBG Jenn Loves About Herself

1. I love my calves. They’re ginormous, strong and help me kick serious butt on the tennis court.
2. I love my hair. It’s red, wavy, and I like that I can wear it straight or curly with plenty of bounce.
3. I love my tenacity. Sure, sometimes I’m stubborn, but when I really want something, I go after it. Like a bull!

What FBG Erin Loves About Herself

1. I love my dimples. They’re like cute punctuation marks to my smile. I share them with my mom, and I’m super excited that my daughter got them, too!
2. I love my ability to laugh at myself. Life is infinitely more fun if you can laugh at your ineptitude.
3. I love my new-mom bod! Sure, it’s a little softer than it was pre-baby, but it’s amazing that it carried a child—and that it’s capable of feeding that child. Not to mention my killer strength from lugging car seats, strollers and 20 pounds of baby around!

What FBG Tish Loves About Herself

1. I love my “can’t say no” attitude when it comes to working out. Being adventurous in the gym keeps me on my toes…literally!
2. I love my strong bones. I may be a twig, but I’ve had my fingers run over by a car without breaking a digit.
3. I love my curly mop-top ‘fro. Funny I once hated all things curly. Now I realize effortless equals awesome.

What FBG Kristen Loves About Herself

1. I love my desire to try new things—it helps me grow as a person and keeps life interesting.
2. I love my legs. They’re strong, and yes, maybe they’re a little on the thick side, but they’ve carried me across finish lines and to friends’ houses and all over the country. I don’t mind that they don’t look like Jessica Biel’s—they’re mine and they’re just right.
3. I love my inner cheerleader. She keeps me optimistic, encourages my friends and makes me proud.

Later today you’ll have the chance to share what you love about yourself when we unveil a big giveaway that will give you mad goodies to nourish your body. Say it with us now, loving yo’self is so sweet, who needs chocolate? —Jenn


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